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Fire Grille

Fire Collar

Interden Strips

Fire and Smoke Strip

Fire Sealants

Linear Gap Seal

Pipe Wrap

Air Transfer Plate

Fire Resistant Mortar

If you can’t stand the heat.......get out of the building!

Passive fire protection products enhance a building’s fire resistance, protect both buildings and people, reduce the spread of fire through secondary ignition and limit the spread of flame and smoke.

Fire Protection offer a complete range of passive fire protection systems, specifically designed to give building contractors flexibility and reliable protection from 30 minutes to 4 hours in a wide variety of applications.

Passive fire protection measures achieve their intended purpose by raising the fire resistance of the structure, protecting the structure against the effects of fire, reducing fire spread through secondary ignition, limiting the movement of flame and smoke, and minimising the danger of fire-induced collapse or structural distortion.

So put simply, our systems will give you that valuable time you need to get out safely!

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